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                          Stoney Creek Painting

                          New Hues painting is Stoney Creek's premiere professional painting company for quality, skilled work, and outstanding customer service. We provide superior professional residential painting, commercial painting and industrial painting services to clients in Stoney Creek, Winona, Hamilton, Grimsby, Ancaster, Burlington, Waterdown, Dundas and the surrounding areas. Our well trained and highly skilled tradespeople ensure that New Hues Painting's meticulously finished work and high customer service standards are unparalleled in the industry. At New Hues Painting we use only top quality paints and finishes, and with over 10 years in the residential and commercial painting business, we have the experience, skills and necessary equipment to provide our customers with exceptional quality painting results, every time.

                          For superior Stoney Creek painting services, contact New Hues today for a free quote!

                          • Christine Delaney

                            Burlington, Ontario

                            The wallpaper in my bathroom had been in place for decades and was still 100% stuck to the wall. I tried all the internet suggestions for getting it off...nothing worked! New Hues Painting was recommended to me by a decorator-friend. They started the job immediately and worked everyday until it was done. The workers were polite, neat and came on time. Estimates for the time involved for the job were accurate. I would highly recommend this company.

                          • Toni

                            Stoney Creek, Ontario

                            We love Shawn, he came in and did am amazing job. Was amazing with our rescue dog and left the walls looking amazing. Did I say we had an amazing experience? I would hire New Hues again in a heartbeat.

                          • Cory Schappert

                            St. Catharines, Ontario

                            I hired Dylan and his crew to paint the interior of my home back in February 2015. Dylan presented me with a competitive quote during our initial meeting and followed up the quote with excellent customer service and a superb job. Shawn and Anson arrived 5 minutes before expected each day and finished the job in less time than expected. I would highly recommend New Hues Painting to anybody looking to spruce up their home or add the newest colour to their walls.

                          Stoney Creek Painting
                          Get a Free Quote!

                          Trust Your home, office, or retail space to the best in the business and get the job done right, on time and budget, the first time!

                          Contact the experts at New Hues Painting today to have one of our professional painting contractors provide you with a no-pressure assessment and a written, no-obligation quote on your next residential painting or commercial painting project.

                          Get A Free Quote

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